What is a Retreat?


This is one of the biggest questions we get asked. A retreat is an opportunity to step away from your ordinary day-to-day living to put focus on an area of your life.

Retreats can be for individuals focusing on a specific outcome, such as relaxation or weight loss. They can also be for couples who want to focus on their relationship, romantic connection or even newlyweds on their honeymoon. Many retreats are designed for groups, both large and small. Group retreats include family reunions, women’s or girlfriend getaways, small group get togethers for working on projects such as scrapbooking or quilting, and corporate or business retreats.

Retreats can be as short as a one day retreat, or as long as you want… sometimes up to a year long. It all depends on what you want to focus on and accomplish during your time away. As you browse through our site you will find information on many different types of retreats. Each property offering accommodations is individually owned and operated, so if you have specific questions about a retreat please contact the property directly through their email, website link, or via phone. If you have questions or comments in general, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help if we can!

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